Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trailer Theft Trend

Sometimes thieves will steal anything that’s not tied down, and sometimes even things that are tied down are targets.  Most recently we’ve seen an increase of trailer thefts.  There have been nine thefts since June 1, 2013.  Some were taken from residential homes and driveways.  All were done in the overnight hours.

We’re not the only jurisdiction to see this increase.  It seems trailer thefts have been on the rise in other areas of the metro, as well.  Since crime prevention is one of the best ways to reduce crime, we did some research on trailer security.  Some of what we found was funny but, in the middle of the funny comments, there were a few good suggestions that you may want to implement, if you own a trailer.

Consider a trailer lock system.  There are several different types available.  Online prices show them starting around $29 and going up from there.  Some of these were fairly basic pin-lock systems, while others were much more complex and went over the entire hitch area.

A heavy or hardened chain might be something that is an option for you.  The chain can be used to chain the trailer to something secure or you can loop the chain through the wheels.

Another option you might consider is an alarm.  Tilt type alarms can be installed fairly simply and are relatively inexpensive.

Of course, if none of these ideas sound secure enough you can follow the suggestions we found on one message board:

Put some blocks under the suspension and let the air out of the tires. Take a hitch ball and cut off the stem. Then lock the ball into the hitch. Make a wheel clamp and put it on when you are storing it. Make the hitch easily removable. Paint a sign on the back bumper that says "If the truck pulling this isn't (your truck colour) then this trailer is stolen. Take one wheel off it you aren't going to be using it for a while”.!

As funny as some of those things might sound, it’s really about making your trailer inaccessible or harder to steal.  Theft deterrents are just that, they are deterrents.  Many of them can be overcome, but it’s about making trailers more difficult to steal.  Even if you just park another vehicle in front of it, taking some type of preventative measure. Be proactive in keeping your trailer in your possession and not someone else’s.