Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just So You Know

Some might call it a warning.  Others might refer to it as a friendly reminder.  It doesn't matter to us what you call it.  All we want is for folks to drive safe.  With that goal in mind, officers will be out today on a Drivers Awareness Campaign.

We regularly conduct traffic enforcement to keep the roadways safe for the drivers who travel through and around this city everyday.  We concentrate on high accident locations, construction areas and high complaint areas.  It’s not about writing tickets, it’s about being safe.  If we wanted to just write tickets, we wouldn't tell you about it.

For some just seeing an increased presence is enough to remind drivers to slow down and mind the traffic laws.  For others it might take a face to face meeting with an officer.  We hope that all it takes for you to drive safe is knowing we are there watching.  If knowing wasn't enough and you do get stopped, remember pull to the right, stop and be patient, they’re just doing their jobs – making sure everyone stays safe.