Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Officers Sworn in this Week

There are people all over the place that have a goal in mind and work towards that goal.  Those who choose to take on law enforcement as a career are no different that anyone else who set their minds to their own career path.  There is a certain amount of pride most police officer recruits feel just to know they were selected, often times out of large pools of candidates, to wear the uniform of their selected city.

On Monday, five new officer recruits were sworn into the City of Overland Park’s Police Department.  They will join another recruit that was sworn in last week, and together they will begin training almost immediately. 

There is no doubt each of these recruits worked hard and were determined to get to this point.  In fact, one of the recruits demonstrated that very determination and focus when she started out with the City of Overland Park as an intern.  She must have liked what she saw because she went on to work as a dispatcher before completing the extensive process to eventually be hired as a police officer.

These new officers will be participating in the pre-academy portion of their training this week.  From there they will go on to the Johnson County Regional Police Academy and then to post academy training.  The last phase will basically be "on-the-job" or real life  assessment by a Field Training Officer before they are officially out on their own and taking calls with the rest of their co-workers.

Congratulations to these officer recruits!  The fun is just beginning.