Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Just City Slickers

Some would say that the City of Overland Park employees get asked to do a lot of different things.  Well, that's certainly a true statement, and since the Animal Control Unit is part of the police department, we get to brag about when they do something out of the ordinary too.

The morning of Friday, August 9th turned out to be a day that was anything other than ordinary for one Overland Park Animal Control Officer.  That morning the Animal Control Unit was asked to help with cattle.  Now one probably wouldn't think that the City of Overland Park’s Animal Control Unit would be so prepared to assist with cattle.  You were probably thinking the Animal Control Unit for Overland Park stuck mainly to cats, dogs and the occasional snake, bat or coyote call.  However, several years ago the Animal Control Unit realized that the city had grown to incorporate a large rural area.  With that came cows, horses and even some more unique livestock.  Officers within the unit started to prepare for the “changing population.”

Friday that preparation came in handy to the Kansas City, Missouri Police and Fire Departments.  These departments responded to a roll over accident involving a semi-truck pulling a trailer full of cattle.  Handling the accident was one thing – trying to corral a herd of cattle was quite another challenge.  That’s were Overland Park Animal Control Officer Mike Hyde stepped in.

ACO Hyde brought some of the City’s portable cattle panels to the scene of the accident and set them in up so that the cattle, when freed from the overturned truck, would be channeled into the waiting trailer.  He then helped with moving the cattle from the overturned truck to the new trailer.  Not too shabby for city Animal Control Unit.