Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh No They Didn’t

That's Some Tree
How much do you think it would cost to remove two trees?  Now let’s make this fair, let’s make sure you know that they were large and mature locust trees.  Would it surprise to hear that one senior resident was charged $8,000 for removal of two mature locust trees from her yard?  Well it happened earlier this spring.

We didn’t hear about it until just a few days ago when we received a call from the resident’s adult son.  He explained that earlier this spring a tree trimming company came to his mother’s neighborhood and convinced her that two of the three trees in her yard were in danger of falling.  Although he didn’t agree, his mother did not consult him first before having the company begin work on the trees.  An odd part to this story is that the company had a representative drive the elderly female to the bank to withdraw the $8000 payment in cash, rather than accepting a check.  By the time our reporting party heard about it, the work was done and payment made.

Fast forward a few months and that brings us to this week’s event.  The tree trimming company returned to the neighborhood.  This time it convinced the resident that she needed to have the two stumps ground out – that it didn’t take care of before – and that it needed to spray for bugs.  The company agreed to do for $1,000.  This time the son got involved and put a stop to anything further before his mother’s money was gone again.

Now we don’t normally get involved in civil matters between parties, but when it appears someone is being taken advantage of, we just can’t be silent.  We want to remind you again to look out for our aging loved ones.