Friday, August 30, 2013

To the Lake!

It’s the Thursday before the Labor Day weekend.  If you are like a lot of others you might be making plans to head out tonight and get an early start on the holiday weekend.  Maybe your plans are to head out to the lake for an end-of-summer boating event.  While there’s not really any place in the city that allows for this type of event, we know that many Overland Park residents will head out of town to enjoy a day or weekend at the lake.  Having that in mind we thought we'd cover a few camping and lake safety topics.

 If you are hauling a trailer somewhere:

-        Check tire pressure on your trailer and don’t over load your trailer

-        Balance the weight and distribute cargo evenly

-        Secure all items

-        Adjust the height properly

-        Make sure the hitch, coupler, draw bar and other equipment are properly secured.

-        Make sure the wiring is properly connected and all your lights are working

-        Remember hauling a trailer will great increase your stopping distance, adjust your driving as necessary.

If you plan on boating or swimming:

-        Swim in designated areas and don’t swim alone

-        Wear a life jacket

-        Avoid mixing alcohol with boating and swimming

-        Follow boating laws and regulations for the waterway you are using

-        Be aware of those around you

-        Properly use boating lights and flags

We want you to have fun this holiday weekend, but we also want you to come back safely too!  If you are headed out, enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you back in a few days!

For further safety information check out the following websites that we reviewed: