Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Lessons Learned

It was one of those calls that could have ended quite a bit differently.  After all, if you were to go barging into a stranger’s home, unannounced, with unknown intentions, there’s really no telling how the resident of that home will react.  For one uninvited guest, he was met by a very upset and protective father and husband.

It was just after midnight on a Saturday night into Sunday morning a few weeks ago when police responded to a call regarding a possible burglary in progress.  They arrived and learned an intoxicated male entered the wrong home.  The intoxicated male thought he was in the right by trying to stand his ground in a home he thought he belonged in and the resident of the home knew he was in the right when he confronted the intruder.  The intoxicated male came out on the loosing end of brief physical struggle and ultimately was arrested for battery.

In the end there were probably two lessons learned.  The intoxicated intruder hopefully learned that drinking too much might lead to problems and from now on the residents of the home will likely lock the doors even when they are home.