Monday, September 16, 2013

Always a Need

Officers selected a slightly different location for the DUI check lane this past Friday.  The goal is always to detect and deter impaired drivers, but this time they decided to target a side street that drivers commonly use to avoid being seen on one of those major thoroughfares.  The results were fewer cars checked, but the same percentages of impaired drivers.

We looked at the average numbers for the past three years and found that officers meet and greet about 558 drivers in a DUI check lane in Overland Park.  Roughly 7% (40) of the drivers are tested and of those tested about 15% (6) are arrested.

Friday, 276 drivers entered the check lane.  Officers tested 17 drivers (6%) and arrested 3 of the tested drivers (17%).

In addition to the impaired drivers 8 drivers were charged with transporting open containers of alcohol.

It goes to show that even when there are fewer drivers, the likelihood of impaired drivers is still there and wherever there is a possibility of an impaired driver, there’s going to be a need for DUI enforcement.