Thursday, September 19, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Did you like the Chief’s football game this past weekend?  It was an exciting one.  Football season can bring out the best or worst in people and alcohol is frequently the culprit when things go south. Such is the story of one opinionated fan on Sunday.

Our fan had the pleasure of attending the game but upon returning to the Overland Park area via bus, he decided to express his unsolicited opinion of the game to others.  Whatever he said was not well received and a disturbance broke out.  Officers were called and managed to get all parties calmed down. It was decided amongst the involved parties that no one wanted to press charges.

Later, our fan, who refused to accept the advice given to him earlier to go home, decided to go to a nearby drinking establishment and impart his knowledge of the game of football with yet another group of people.  This time he wound up with a split lip, lost a tooth and got arrested.

People sure can be passionate about their football.  So tonight, when you are enjoying the game, remember our opinionated friend and consider your audience.