Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not What You Might Think

Have you seen the activity at 135th Street and Pflumm today?  Chances are, if you were in the area, you were probably wondering what was going on there.  If curiosity got the better of you, you might have made one of the many calls we received today about this area.  But if you haven’t called and still want to know what’s going on there, it is a commercial motor vehicle check lane.

Overland Park Police, along with officers from several area agencies, have been in the area today since 10 am.  They are working a county-wide commercial vehicle inspection initiative.  The goal is to identify safety violations and locate stolen equipment.

The lane will be wrapping up around 5:00 pm.  So far, Officers have checked more than thirty vehicles.  Results from their efforts will be posted later.