Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out of Service

Yesterday we told you about the Commercial Motor Vehicle check lane at 135th Street and Pflumm.  Today we have the results from the efforts put forth by the officers.

The officers completed a total of 64 inspections.  This resulted in the discovery of a total of 242 violations.  19 of those violations were what are considered “out of service” violations and officers put 12 different trucks and 5 different drivers in an “out of service” status.  Out of service means that the nature of the violation caused a safety risk and required immediate work to be completed before the vehicles were allowed to continue.

For the most part the drivers who were put in an out of service status were even not qualified to be driving the type of vehicle they were stopped in.  The vehicles that were placed in an out of service status were primarily because of brake issues.  Scary thought that the brakes might not be working properly on one of those commercial vehicles driving down the roadway or that the driver operating that big rig might not even be licensed to do so.

Overland Park officers have worked two commercial motor vehicle accidents with overturned trucks in the past week.  Hopefully their proactive work at this check lane will keep this type of accident from happening too frequently.