Friday, September 13, 2013

They Didn’t Grow Legs and Walk Away

No, they don’t just grow legs and walk away, but leave one lying around or unsecured and someone just might ride away on it.  Of course we’re talking about bicycles.

 Last year 58 bicycle thefts were reported in Overland Park.  So far this year there have been 33.  Stolen bicycles range from the very expensive models to low-cost children’s models.  It doesn’t matter the price tag on the bike or the age of the owner, the person left wondering where their ride went finds themselves a victim of a theft.

 Frequently, especially on the children’s bikes, we will find these abandoned somewhere.  These could be returned to the owner, if only we knew who that owner was.  Marking your bicycle with a phone number, name, driver’s license number or other type of distinguishing number to track you down, might help us get your bike back to you if someone else rides away with it.

 One smart individual once marked a set of keys with an old and expired rabies tag she had left over from one of her pets.  It might sound funny, but with a quick phone call to the veterinary office, we were able to reunite the keys with the owner.  Now there’s an idea that might work for your bike too!

 Recovered bicycles that we can't reunite with their owners are eventually donated to a worthwhile charity. While they are still going to a good cause, we’d much rather the rightful owner end up with the bike.