Monday, September 9, 2013

Your Target, Your Backstop and Beyond

Excitement on I-35 Highway Friday night resulted in unexpected detours for some and injuries for others.  While an explanation regarding the shooting incident on I-35 Highway is still pending, one possible explanation brings up a good subject matter for us:  Discharging Firearms within City Limits.

Overland Park municipal code 11.60.070 states it is unlawful to use projectiles upon property of less than 30 acres.  If you are not the property owner you must have the written consent of the occupant or landowner and there can be no use at all within 500 feet of a residential building.  Pretty clear except for that projectile part, right?

It lists projectiles as items that are shot, launched, thrown or projected, any arrow, dart or stone capable of doing grievous bodily harm to persons or animals.  You may be wondering if air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, pellet guns and other similar types of “toys” are included.  These types of guns are also prohibited unless they are being fired on sections of land that are at least 15 acres and primarily rural or devoted to agriculture.  Again, you are required to be the landowner or have written consent of the occupant or landowner.

The laws are established to help keep everyone safe.  If find yourself with the opportunity to do a little target practice, keep in mind to be aware of your target, your backstop and beyond.  It might surprise a few to learn just how far a bullet or BB can travel.  While they don’t happen often, we do take calls from time to time regarding damage or injury from a stray projectile.  It’s still not clear what happened on I-35 Highway Friday night, but following the laws and gun safety guidelines can help prevent anything similar from happening here.