Monday, October 14, 2013

At Least it Wasn’t Hoffa

1-800-Dig-Safe probably couldn't have predicted this.  Who could have?  It’s not like one expects to find a live artillery round when trying to plant flowers, but that’s exactly what one homeowner found Saturday.

We received a call that a homeowner and his wife were in the process of doing work on a flower bed when they uncovered a large artillery round next to the foundation of their home.  An officer was dispatched who determined the bomb squad might be better prepared to assess the round to see if it was still “live”.  The bomb squad members took an x-ray of the round and found out the projectile was, in fact, still live.

Things that could go boom in a neighborhood are not good.  The round was recovered by bomb squad and military personnel and safely disposed of. How it got there is anybody’s guess.

 And the homeowner? He went back to planting flowers. They also were “live”, by the way, and, hopefully, will burst into color next spring.