Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don’t Let Them Circle the Drain

Don’t let them circle the drain.  Did that catch your attention?  If you’re reading this, you had to be a little bit curious, which is a good thing. If you didn’t already know, disposing of your old prescriptions improperly by flushing them can have negative effects on our environment. All those meds go right into our water system and just MAYBE your neighbors don’t need your outdated antibiotics.

Keeping them in the house could be tempting to young children and become a poison hazard. Some teens take their parents’ prescription medicines to school and sell them to classmates. But those scenarios don’t have to happen.

The Overland Park Police Department will be partnering with the DEA for this year’s second Prescription Drug Take Back event on Saturday, October 26th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  You may take prescription items for drop off at any of the following locations:

8500 Antioch Rd – Overland Park Police Department
12400 Foster St – Overland Park Police Department
7000 W 75th St – Price Chopper
6800 W 95th St – Recycling Extravaganza (opens at 8am)
7101 College Blvd – Medtrak Services
7418 W 119th St – Price Chopper
6900 W 135th St – Hen House
11700 W 135th St – Price Chopper
7201 W 151st St – Price Chopper

Proper disposal of medications can help prevent drug abuse.  It also keeps you from flushing those old meds and sending them to the great beyond like Goldie the dead gold fish, which, after doing a little checking, it turns out, is also bad for the water supply and can spread disease.

So make plans to clean out your medicine cabinets and drop off any unused prescriptions to one of the Take Back locations.