Monday, October 7, 2013

Got Your Goat

No, they got a City of Overland Park’s goat.  And then they, whoever they happens to be, turned that goat loose at a high school, presumably as a prank.

This past Sunday, Overland Park officers responded to the call of a loose goat at one of the high school properties.  The goat was found to be actually stuck in a fence and had to be freed.  No, not secured in a fenced in area, stuck – in a fence.

The goat was identified to be a kid (baby goat) named Kale from Overland Park’s Deanna Rose Farmstead.  A Farmstead employee came to pick up Kale and return him to his home.

Funny right?  Maybe a little, but illegal too right?  Absolutely.  This little prank could lead to big trouble for the pranksters.  There are some pretty serious crimes that can be attached to this prank, everything from burglary and theft to animal cruelty.  That might be something to consider before trying this one again.

This one doesn’t just end with the goat returning home.  It will be worked just as any other investigation with officers and detectives reviewing evidence and the possibility of charges being filed.