Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Thinking and a Safe Landing

When officers are dispatched to a call for service, that call for service is classified by category.  Those categories cover just about anything you could imagine from a fire call to a lost child.  One category the officers very rarely see is “Plane”, but one of those calls came out yesterday afternoon.

Just after 3:00 pm yesterday, Overland Park dispatch received a call about a helicopter that crashed in the area of 135th Street and Nall.  Officers located the helicopter in question in the new Prairie Fire construction area.  Thankfully, it was not “crashed” as one might think.

Officers learned that the crew on board was in the area obtaining video for a news story. While they were in the air they had mechanical issues.  The crew made the decision to land the helicopter in an open area to investigate.  While the landing was probably not as smooth as they would have wanted it to be, they were able to touch down without any injuries and only minor damage.

Representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration checked the helicopter and determined it would be unable to fly from the area.  It was removed today via a tow truck, of all things.