Friday, October 18, 2013

Training Day

There’s a lot of noise going on across the hall from the Chief’s office this week.  It may be loud, but it’s for good reason.  You see, commissioned police officers in the State of Kansas are required to participate in a minimum of 40 hours training annually to maintain their commissioned status. Some topics of the training are mandatory.  

Training throughout the year covers topics such as legal updates, non-biased policing, tire deflation devices and active shooter scenarios.  This week the training consists of DUI investigations, weapons retention, arrest and detention, and a safety officer drill.

The concept of ongoing education isn’t a foreign one.  Many professions suggest, and some require, ongoing education at some level.  When you consider that criminals and crime trends are always changing, learning about those changes is more than just important, it’s a necessity.

The idea is to keep the officers prepared to respond to anything.  From the basic civil matter service call to a crisis situation, they have to be prepared to evaluate a situation quickly, solve problems and have all the other skills and knowledge necessary to get the job done, whatever that may be.