Monday, November 25, 2013

A Strong Finish

As 2013 is rapidly coming to a close, we want to take a few minutes to remind everyone to be extra cautious and safe behind the wheel this holiday season. In looking at the data regarding traffic crashes through October of this year, it looks as though the numbers for injury accidents are trending to finish slightly lower than last year.

In fact, injury accidents are down almost 3.5% from this time last year, and fatality accidents have gone down from six in 2012, to two in 2013 (-66%). We still have two months left, including several major holidays and the possibility of inclement weather. That's why we want to remind everyone to continue their safe driving skills and not let the extra stress and pressure of the holidays cause distracted driving.

Let's do our best to close out 2013 with the continued downward trend we're currently experiencing. The Overland Park Police Department wants everyone to have a safe holiday season. Together we can make it happen.