Monday, November 18, 2013

Graduation Day for CPA Members

On Tuesday, November 12th, the Overland Park Police Department held a special graduation ceremony for the 11 participants of our latest Citizen's Police Academy. 

The goal of the Academy is to create educated citizens on basic information regarding the police profession. These citizens can then return to their neighborhoods better informed to improve the relationship between the community and the police department.

In the eight-week academy, participants learned about patrol operations, firearms training and weapons systems, crime analysis, narcotics, traffic enforcement and more. Participants got to see through the eyes of the instructors, and participated in "hands on" practicals, giving them an in-depth experience into what it's like to be an Overland Park Police Officer. 

They also had opportunities to observe and interact with tactical police equipment and vehicles through demonstrations by the police K-9 unit and SWAT team.
Thanks to these eleven who volunteered their time in order to better their communities and hopefully gained a greater appreciation of the inner-workings of the police department.

If you're interested in joining our next Citizen's Police Academy, you can either call Officer Betsy Selman at 913-469-8500 Ext. 4653 or send her an email at: for more information.