Friday, November 1, 2013

Increased Anti-Fraud and Theft Initiative Underway

The Overland Park Police Department has begun their increased Anti-Theft and Fraud Initiative for the upcoming holiday season.  Although enforcement takes place year round, the efforts increase during the holidays as does the number of individuals who are looking to take advantage of businesses and consumers.  Oak Park Mall is the largest retail complex in Overland Park and will have an increased detective presence, but the anti-crime information and the organized retail crime programs will be available to all businesses throughout Overland Park.

As always, officers will continue to be in the retail locations for enforcement against all categories of crimes.  There are numerous crime prevention strategies that can serve to make area businesses safer and more secure. This holiday initiative is a very effective example of one of them.

With the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, retailers will experience increased criminal activity as the number of shoppers multiplies. Awareness and preparedness will help in the detection and deterrence of crime.