Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter Weather Awareness Day

Did you know that today is Winter Weather Awareness Day? November 20th has been designated this year by the National Weather Service in Topeka and the Kansas Division of Emergency Management as a day to remind Kansas residents to prepare for the hazards winter weather can bring.

Winter weather can bring rapidly changing conditions but there are several things you can do ahead of time to prepare for any possible hazards the season  may bring. Knowing how to prepare for these circumstances can make all the difference when adversity sets in.

According to Overland Park Emergency Management Coordinator, Kyle Burns, "Emergencies happen; being prepared for an emergency can help protect you and your family. The whole point of being prepared is to do as much as possible before a major event occurs."

Burns also goes on to say that it is very important to be prepared in case a winter storm strikes.   The following things should be done each year before the winter season arrives:

1. Create a plan for what your family will do in case of a significant storm. 
2. Get your car fully checked and winterized.
3. Have supplies available in case you are stranded for a period of time in your home or at work. 

You can find more information about preparing for emergencies and the coming winter weather at

Additional weather-related information can be found online at the following sites (courtesy of The Adjutant General’s Department of  Public Affairs Office): 

For a complete list of items for a home or car emergency kit, go to . Additional information on preparing for winter weather is available from FEMA at, the American Red Cross at, or your county emergency management office.

Winter road conditions are accessible by dialing 5-1-1 from your mobile phone or by going to the Kansas Department of Transportation web site at