Thursday, December 26, 2013

Help Us Catch This Holiday Scrooge

Most of us work very hard for the money we earn and the things we buy, but as we've pointed out numerous times on this blog, there are many who make it their job to steal, rather than earn, the things they get.

The following is a great example of what we're talking about. The female pictured below must have had a lot of people to buy gifts for during the holidays because she racked up over $15,000 worth of charges on someone else's credit cards.

Our victim in this case had just finished shopping at a local department store, went to pay for her items and discovered her wallet was missing. Further investigation indicated her wallet had been taken from her purse while it was sitting inside the shopping cart. She got further confirmation of this when the bank contacted her and said three of her credit cards had been used to purchase over $6,000 in gift cards at an area retail store a short time later. 

While she was at the store purchasing the gift cards, the suspect covered her face with her hands as she entered and left the business, in order to avoid the surveillance cameras. Investigators are still trying to determine if the female who stole the credit cards is the same one who redeemed the gift cards at four area retail stores.

Surprisingly enough, this wasn't the first time our suspect has done this. She's totaled more than $15,000 in charges in the Kansas City area using stolen credit cards. The gift cards are then usually redeemed on the same day for merchandise.

As you can imagine, we'd like to catch her and are asking you to look carefully at the pictures below. If you have information on this person’s identity, contact the TIPS HOTLINE at 816-474-TIPS or the Overland Park Police at 913-344-8730.

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