Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reminder to be Safe and Responsible Tonight

With the dawn of 2014 just a few hours away, we want to remind everyone to celebrate its arrival safely. This includes not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, setting off fireworks, or even the occasional "celebratory" gunfire, which can send stray bullets into innocent bystanders.

The Overland Park Police Department will be conducting a DUI Saturation Patrol tonight with the goal of reducing alcohol-related auto accidents and to discourage impaired driving on New Year's Eve.  

Fireworks are illegal to possess or discharge within the city limits of Overland Park. Posted below is the city's ordinance regarding the discharge of a firearm in the city.

The police department is asking everyone to be safe, responsible, and to consider how their decisions may impact neighbors or others around them.

A. 11.60.040 Unlawful discharge of firearm

It shall be unlawful for any person other than those excepted by Sections 11.60.010(B) (1), (2) or (3) to discharge or shoot off any gun, pistol or other firearm within the corporate City limits except as provided below.
1. The discharge of a pistol, revolver, rifle of not more than .224 caliber or shotgun by a duly licensed hunter as described in Section 11.60.010(C), provided the requirements of Section 11.12.155 are complied with.
2. The discharge of a gun, pistol or other firearm at any legally operated shooting gallery, pistol range, or gun club approved by the Chief of Police in writing.
3. The discharge of a shotgun, gun, pistol or other firearm in the process of target or skeet shooting on land that is primarily rural, or devoted to agricultural use as defined in Section 18.110.040, if written permission is obtained from the landowner where the target or skeet shooting is occurring. When on land of less than 40 acres, the person discharging the firearm must have in his or her possession written permission of all landowners or persons in possession of land contiguous to the land where the target or skeet shooting is occurring. It shall be unlawful for a person otherwise lawfully target or skeet shooting within the City to discharge a firearm or other projectile within 500 feet of any property on which a residence, school, church, airport, cemetery, or public recreation facility is located to include all adjacent or contiguous property owned for such purposes.
4. The discharge of a gun, pistol or other firearm by any duly licensed watchman, detective, special agent or other person described in Section 11.60.010(C) if such action is reasonably necessary for the protection of life or property.
5. The discharge of a gun, pistol or other firearm with blank ammunition only by an honor guard, composed of members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers or members of veterans service organizations listed in Part I of the most recent edition of the Directory of Veterans Service Organizations issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs, in a "salute" or "honor" to an individual, in conjunction with a funeral or other "honor" ceremony, provided that the Chief of Police must approve the discharge of firearms by the honor guard, to include the type of firearm, ammunition to be used, and the location and time of the discharge. This information must be provided to the Chief of Police at least twenty-four hours prior to the proposed date of the firearms discharge provided the Chief of Police may approve the discharge on an emergency basis, as he or she deems appropriate.

Violation of this Section is a Class C violation.