Friday, December 6, 2013

Survivor Thanks Officers Who Helped Save His Life

This past Tuesday, John Cikan and his wife, Mary, stopped by Sanders Station to meet with and personally thank the officers who responded to help him when he went into cardiac arrest back on September 27th. 

Sergeant Otero, Officers Byng and Voorhees, along with first responders from the Fire Department and MedAct, worked in unison to give Mr. Cikan CPR that day in the parking lot of Costco. 

John was very appreciative of the work done by everyone and said he wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the efforts of these first-responders. He also was very appreciative of the assistance provided by store employees, customers and medical personnel at the hospital.

While John and Mary had already had a chance to meet with and thank the other individuals involved, he was happy to finally be able to connect with these officers from the police department.
Sgt. O'tero, Mary & John Cikan, Officer Byng, Officer Voorhees