Monday, December 16, 2013

Vice Sting Results in the Arrests of Four Individuals

On Saturday night, members of the Overland Park Police Vice Unit conducted a one-day prostitution sting that resulted in the arrests of three females for selling sexual relations and one male for buying sexual relations. 

The total number of people arrested during these prostitution stings is currently at 67 for the year. While these numbers may be small compared to previous years, it certainly hasn't been the lack of trying on our part. We still deploy the same amount of resources as we have in the past, but we see fewer targets willing to come and do business  in our city.

The focus of our stings is to identify and apprehend individuals who engage in selling, buying and promoting sexual relations inside the city limits of Overland Park. To that end, we feel we're doing a pretty job of getting that message out.

To give you an example of how hard we worked in order to set up Saturday night's sting, undercover detectives were in direct contact with 46 individuals during the sting, but 25 of those declined to meet in Overland Park, and 7 more simply didn't show up.