Friday, January 24, 2014

Copy a Traffic Stop at 01:42 Hours

At 1:42 this morning it was cold and dark at 75th Street and I-35 Highway.  The only sounds you could hear were from the occasional passing car on the highway.  After sitting there several minutes a train whistle sounded as a northbound train approached on the tracks that run parallel to the highway.  Other than that, it was silent.

Two officers stood there on the outside shoulder of the highway.  Both of them have made it a priority in their career to combat drunk driving and at 1:42 this morning they met at 75th and I-35 to reflect on what had happened there to their fellow officer.

January 24th has come and gone 28 times since that tragic event.  She fought hard for two days before passing away on the 26th. Come Sunday, It'll be 29 years since she was lost to us.  She's been gone more years than she was alive at this point, but she continues to be a reminder that some have given all and that, on any given day, one of us might not go home at the end of our shift.

Besides writing incident and accident reports, one of the officers in the Overland Park Police Department enjoys writing poems.  One of her poems starts out "How's it up in heaven, it was cold down here today.  There are those that miss you more than ever and the pain it doesn't go away."   She wrote it for someone else, but it is fitting for today's blog.

Officer Deanna Rose, I’ll have you know, it was cold down here today, like it was 29 years ago.  And there are those who still miss you.  There are those who won't ever forget you and, most importantly, you still touch people's lives and make a difference.

29 years later there aren’t many left here that knew you personally, but we will make sure that you are not forgotten.

Thank you, Deanna, for reminding us to cherish each day.