Monday, January 6, 2014

Don't Let Someone Else Drive It Away

The temperature outside may be down significantly, but it doesn't reduce the chances someone may drive off with your car if you leave it warming up outside with the keys in it.

This morning, during a 20-minute time period, we received three reports regarding vehicles that were stolen while “idling”. The vehicles were basically spread out in different areas of the city, which indicates there are possibly several suspects out there looking for opportunities. 

Speaking of opportunities, we are also getting a few reports where people are leaving a spare key inside their unlocked vehicle and then having it stolen when the thief finds it as he rifles through it.

For many years, it has been suggested to warm a vehicle before driving. According to current research, today’s sophisticated engine management systems require no warm up. By foregoing the warm up you will save gas, money and may reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim.

Leaving your car running unattended is also against the law. City ordinance 12.04.107 prohibits running a vehicle unattended with the keys in it unless a remote-starter is being used.

We hope these tips will be useful. Safeguarding our automobiles and maintaining them properly will reduce criminal activity and keep us safe.