Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fatalities in Kansas Continue Trending Downward

According to a recent report released by the Kansas Department of Transportation, in 2013 fewer people died in fatality accidents in Kansas that any previous year. That's certainly good news and a pattern we're all hoping continues downward.

In 2013, there were 344 traffic fatalities compared to 405 in 2012. Before this year, the previous low was in 2008; the all-time high number was in 1969 when the state saw a staggering 780 deaths on Kansas Roadways.

In Overland Park, 2013 saw a significant reduction in the number of fatality and injury accidents. There were only two fatal accidents this year compared to 2012 that had seven. That's certainly a good number, but one that we can strive to reduce further. This was the lowest number of fatalities since 2004, when we also had two.

Injury accidents also have been trending downward over the last three years.  2013 saw a 3.58% reduction over the previous year and a 9% reduction from 2011 statistics. 

A lot of factors have contributed to the decline, but we can certainly point to our monthly high-visibility traffic initiatives, driver education campaigns, seat belt and DUI enforcements, and responsible driving behaviors.

Let's all continue to do our part in ensuring everyone's safety while travelling on the roadways, whether in Overland Park or driving across the great state of Kansas.