Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Help Us Identify this "Fit Bandit"

The female pictured below is either really involved in personal health and fitness or she has several friends who are. Either way, her actions have gotten her into a little bit of trouble and we would like your help in making sure she's held accountable for her bad decisions.

Our suspect in this case stopped off to do a little shopping at an area retail store and found a few items she was really interested in. In fact, she likes them so much that she takes a nearby duffle bag off the shelf, cuts three Fitbit Flex Wireless wristbands (electronic tracking fitness bands) off their hooks and conceals them in the duffel bag. She then enters the electronics department and cuts off two Jawbone brand wristbands and also conceals them in the duffel bag. 

The female is then captured on video at the back of the store removing the items from the duffle bag and placing them in her purse. The duffle bag was dumped in the women`s clothing section as the suspect exited the store without paying for the stolen merchandise. 

Loss Prevention Officers at the retail store recognized the suspect from a previous theft on December 4th in which she also stole miscellaneous merchandise. 

The surveillance pictures below are from both events mentioned above and appear to be the same person. She was also seen getting into the same dark 4 door sedan which we believe could be an Acura. 

If you have any information on the identity of this female, please call Detective Byron Pierce at 913-535-3193.