Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Line of Duty Deaths Down from 2012

2013 marked another reduction in the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Of course we want every officer to go home after each shift, so this is a trend we hope continues. 

According to The 2012 LODD (Line Of Duty Deaths) total was the lowest level seen in more than 50 years and the 2013 LODD total was even lower! In fact, you have to go all the way back to 1944 to find a lower level of loss. Consider this: No one wearing a badge today has ever seen a year with a lower level of loss than what we experienced in 2013!

2013 marks the first time since 2008 that Kansas didn't have a law enforcement officer killed in the Line of Duty. Obviously, Overland Park (Officer Deanna Rose in 1985) and Johnson County have been fortunate when it comes to the numbers of officers lost on duty.

The job of a police officer is one that is undertaken with the understanding that, at any point during their career, an officer may give his or her life while in service to the community he or she swore to protect. This can be a hard concept to understand for those not associated with law enforcement, but one that is not taken lightly as we recruit the men and women who will join our ranks each year.

The national statistics are listed below.

Line of Duty Deaths:
2013 - 106
2012 - 123
2011 - 177
2010 - 177

2013 Breakdown:
Aircraft accident: 1
Automobile accident: 26
Boating accident: 1
Bomb: 1
Drowned: 2
Duty related illness: 1
Fall: 4
Fire: 1
Gunfire: 31
Gunfire (Accidental): 1
Heart attack: 14
Motorcycle accident: 4
Stabbed: 1
Struck by vehicle: 8
Training accident: 2
Vehicle pursuit: 3
Vehicular assault: 5