Thursday, January 30, 2014

Numbers and Such: 30 & 18

The number 30 above represents the number of auto thefts so far this year (thru January 29), and the number 18 is indicative of the number of those that were stolen because they were left warming up.

Just last week (1/21/14) we were talking about the number of auto thefts for 2013 and even mentioned that fact that it was the lowest total during the last sixteen years. Now, the numbers for this year have not started out the way we'd like, but given the lengthy cold-spell we've been under the last few weeks, it's bound to happen.

What don't want to do is see these numbers continue to climb as thieves are thriving on the opportunities we give them when we leave our cars running and unattended - even for a few minutes.

Thieves are finding it tougher to steal cars with the various anti-theft technologies installed by auto manufacturers, so they look for easier targets such as unattended vehicles sitting with the keys in them.

Investing in a remote starter is another way to limit easy access to your vehicle. Anything you can do will be a lot cheaper than the alternative of having to call your insurance agent to explain to them how your car was stolen and hope there was no fine print in your policy disallowing coverage for leaving the vehicle running. There’s also the hassle of trying to get another vehicle to get to work, not to mention replacing anything of value that was inside of it when it was stolen.