Monday, February 3, 2014

Be Prepared Tomorrow for Hazardous Conditions

The accumulation of ice and sleet that started Friday afternoon saw the Overland Park Police Department take 160 accidents reports through Sunday night.

This doesn't include all the accident reports that occurred during this time after a press release was sent out after 4:00 PM advising people to walk the report in on a later date.

With tomorrow's snowfall totals expected to be on the heavy side, we're asking residents to plan ahead and avoid being on the roadways if at all possible. The snow will begin falling shortly before rush hour and the roads will quickly deteriorate throughout the day.  

During a 24-hour period of heavy snowfall in February of last year, police dispatchers received 633 calls for service but, interestingly enough, only seven of those were accidents reports. The majority was for motorist assist calls (399) and abandoned vehicles (78). In addition, officers took 81 reports, which is about double the daily number.

According to Overland Park Emergency Management Coordinator Kyle Burns: "Emergencies happen; being prepared for an emergency can help protect you and your family. The whole point of being prepared is to do as much as possible before a major event occurs."

Burns also goes on to say that it is very important to be prepared when a winter storm strikes.   The following things should be done each year before the winter season arrives:

1. Create a plan for what your family will do in case of a significant storm.
2. Get your car fully checked and winterized.
3. Have supplies available in case you are stranded for a period of time in your car, home or at work.

You can find more information about preparing for emergencies and the coming winter weather at or