Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give 'Em Room and Proceed with Caution

On Friday, the Overland Park Police Department had another officer who was struck while working the scene of an accident. This is the second incident in the last three weeks and, thankfully, both officers escaped with minor injuries.  Each officer was transported to the hospital for their injuries and neither of them have returned to normal duty yet.

As the snow continues to fall outside, we want to caution everyone who will be out on the roadways during the next few days to pay extra special attention to protect those who faithfully serve us. Whether it’s a law enforcement officer, fire department personnel, or one of the many Department of Transportation workers on the streets and highways, it’s imperative we do everything we can to protect those who work on our roadways.

Here in the state of Kansas, we have a specific law designed to protect these individuals:

Move Over Law:
Kansas law protects everyone who works along our highways. This includes maintenance crews, construction workers, law enforcement officers and emergency responders. The law requires motorists on four-lane highways to switch to the lane farthest from any stationary vehicle displaying flashing lights, if they can do so SAFELY. On two-lane roads, motorists are required to slow down and proceed with caution. 

The video below is from last Friday night and shows the officer's vehicle (upper right corner) before it was struck by another vehicle. The officer was sitting in his vehicle, finishing up work on a previous accident, when he was struck from behind.