Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Give Them Room to Work

We'd like to remind drivers who may venture out today to be extra cautious as they share the roads with snow plows. Yesterday's storm dumped over twelve inches in Overland Park alone and crews have been working around the clock to get the streets cleared.

A snow plow driver’s field of vision is often restricted, especially when they’re concentrating on the task at hand. You may see them, but they may not always see you. Keep your distance (at least 100 feet) and be prepared for sudden stops because they are too busy to watch out for motorists who try to pass plows or follow too closely.

It’s important for all motorists to allow plow operators room to work to avoid a potentially deadly collision. Be patient, slow down and ensure you are well prepared for winter roads. Remember to adjust your speed to the existing conditions.

The best advice is to do what you can to avoid being involved in an accident. Slow down during hazardous weather conditions and allow additional time to get to your destination.

If you are involved in a non-injury accident where intoxication does not appear to be a factor and the cars are drivable, remember you have the option to exchange information and file a report later. During inclement weather this may be your most efficient option. If you choose to wait for an officer to respond, keep in mind that emergency calls, including accidents with injuries and/or disabled vehicles, will be handled first. Please be patient.