Friday, February 7, 2014

Overland Park Police Department’s Crime Blotter

Wondering what types of crimes or reports are taken on a daily basis? Did you know you can check the Overland Park Police Department’s Crime Blotter each day? Every weekday morning after 7:00 A.M., there is a new Crime Blotter posting on the City’s web site.

The Blotter provides selected categories of Offenses from the past 24 hours. This is by no means all the crimes, but a cross section of reports taken the previous day. Every Monday morning after 7:00 A.M., you can view not only the Offenses for the past three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but also the Drug, Alcohol and Injury Accident reports taken over the previous week.

To find the Overland Park Police Department’s Crime Blotter go to:  You can then review all of the Blotter’s categories mentioned above. 

This online service displays information regarding allegations of criminal behavior reported to the police. All information posted to the blotter is preliminary and subject to change. Data provided for each alleged incident includes the location (not exact, but the nearest hundred-block), date, time, and type of offense. Each reported incident is also assigned a case number.

Only a few days of data is displayed online. For general information or a historical look at criminal activity in the city, please visit our Interactive Crime Map.