Monday, February 24, 2014

Request For Information: Dog Bite 13100 Block of Carter

Saturday surely was a day to be out enjoying the weather, but one Overland Park resident ended up spending her Saturday afternoon at the hospital.  She explained to responding police officers that she was in her backyard at home with her dog.  Her dog, like some others, has a talent for jumping fences.  When her canine jumped the fence from the backyard to the front yard, she, of course, went running after him.

The excitement only intensified as her dog ran to the location of another dog being walked nearby by a couple of teenagers.  While trying to grab her own pet, the other dog bit her hand.

Our resident explained that the teenagers and their dog left the area to help deescalate the situation and the father of the teen returned a short time later to make contact with her. She eventually went to the hospital for medical treatment.

It sounds like the teenagers and their father are trying to do the right thing, but police still need to identify them to complete their report.

The boy walking the canine at the time of the incident was described to be a white male around 15 years old.  He was accompanied by another white male who appeared to be slightly younger.  The father who returned with the teen later was described to be a white male in his 40’s or 50’s.

The dog was described as a larger brown dog, similar to a Labrador retriever, and thought to be around 80 lbs.  He was secured by a leash with a harness and a muzzle style leader.  They are thought to live in the area of 131st Street and Carter where the incident took place.