Tuesday, March 18, 2014

But Officer, This is How I Go Home

The last thing you want to deal with after a hard day at work is a road closure.  And if, on your way home that is what you find, you might ask yourself, “Do they really have to close the intersection?”  Unfortunately, for both the officer and the motorists trying to get home, the answer’s likely yes.

When officers make the decision to close a roadway, lane of travel or intersection, they have done so to keep the public safe, allow emergency responders to work without having to dodge moving vehicles and/or keep people from damaging their vehicles by driving through debris.  The cones, barricades and lights were put in place to accomplish these tasks.  By attempting to drive around the cones, barricades or patrol cars, you could be placing yourself or others in danger, not to mention you might damage your own vehicle.

Rest assured, the officer probably does not want to be standing out in that intersection telling you that you can’t go the way you want to any more than you want to find a different way home.  It is a rare day that an officer finds themselves stuck directing traffic when the weather is perfect.  Usually it is blistering hot, freezing cold or pouring down rain.  Having that in mind, they will open the road as fast as they possibly can and your cooperation will only help that to happen in a timely manner.