Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tax Time Is Here And So Are The Scams

The month of April has arrived and if you're like most of us, this signals the coming deadline to file our taxes. A large portion of the population refuses to procrastinate and does them as soon as they acquire all the tax documentation, while a good portion of people wait until the 11th hour to file theirs.

Either way is perfectly acceptable to us, but since the beginning of the filing season, we've received two different types of reports based upon tax filing. The first is the telephone call from an unknown person, who will usually have some form of a heavy accent, telling you that your past returns have been filed falsely and that you owe back taxes. The caller then demands you pay several thousand dollars at once or you would be arrested. Of course we know with this scam the money isn't going to go to Uncle Sam, but to our crooked caller and their buddies.

The next report we're seeing involves victims who have filed their tax returns and then get a message informing them that their taxes could not be filed electronically because they've already been filed under their social security number. In quite a few cases, your refund will have already been mailed out to the imposter.

On February 27th, we were contacted by a resident who said he received a check in the mail from a bank for the refund on his taxes for 2013. The only problem was that he hadn't filed his taxes yet and someone else was nice enough to file them for him as a "Joint" return.

We obviously believe the suspect made a mistake by having the tax return check sent to the victim's actual address.

Here's a link to the IRS website which explains in detail the various tax schemes that are prevalent this season: