Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Truck Inspections

The pictures below show how we did Commercial Vehicle Inspections back in the early 70's and what it looks like now.

A lot of things have obviously changed since then, but the existence of laws and ordinances to ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles are just as much of a priority today as it was back then.

Commercial motor vehicles are closely monitored for a variety of reasons.  They are required to, for example, follow weight limit restrictions, operating restrictions, and maintain properly functioning equipment.  These guidelines might sound restrictive, but they are important.

Traffic Safety officers specially trained in Commercial Vehicle Inspections are always on the lookout for overweight trucks or other violations. Before being certified by the State of Kansas to conduct Commercial Vehicle Inspections, Officers must attend an eighty-hour training class. Because overweight trucks take longer to stop, they are more likely to become involved in a motor vehicle accident - often times a rear-end collision.

Overweight trucks also take their toll on city streets and highways. Ever had to swerve to avoid a pothole? There's a good chance the pothole was caused by overweight trucks.