Wednesday, June 11, 2014

66 Years of Experience Retired, but Not Forgotten

Recently, the Overland Park Police Department celebrated the retirement of two employees who are leaving the city with a combined 66 years on the job. The contributions these two have made to the police department and the City is immeasurable.

We want to send each of them our best wishes as they forge ahead into the next chapter of their lives. They will certainly be missed by all of us here in the police department as well as the citizens they served. It's now time for both of them to relax and enjoy time with their families.

Officer Greg Powell

Greg began his Overland Park career on August 18th, 1986 and retired on May 16th, 2014 after 27 years with the department.

Greg’s law enforcement career actually began with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department in 1985. He would only spend a year there before he crossed over the state line and began his Overland Park career on August 18th, 1986.

This move would be his last as he’s proudly served the citizens of Overland Park and this police department for the last 27 years. 

Greg has been assigned to several different positions during his career, but the majority of his time was spent serving in the Patrol Division. He’s also been a member of the TAC Team and has served as the Booking and Transport Officer for the Patrol Division.

During the last few months of his career he worked on archiving numerous print and digital photographs that have been accumulating in the police department over the many years. This tedious task was an important element in recording the history of our department and identifying those who’ve served us faithfully through the years. 

Please join us in congratulating Greg Powell on all of his accomplishments and his retirement from the Overland Park Police Department.

Senior Dispatch Supervisor Tony Bernal

Anthony Bernal has been employed by the City of Overland Park in the Police Department since September of 1975. Although his given name is Anthony—he is best known as “Tony”. 

In addition to projecting a deep and easily recognized voice on the radio, Tony became well known by his Dispatching peers throughout the Kansas City Metro area. On countless occasions he has placed a call and introduces himself as “Tony”. He rarely if ever needs to say his last name. His voice is unique and immediately recognized.

Winning a lifetime achievement award says a lot, and in April of 2013, he received just such an award. He was honored by his peers during the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) annual Telecommunicator Appreciation Celebration dinner. 

Tony has not only been an integral part of the City of Overland Park but has been an active contributing member to Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO). 

During his 39-year tenure, Tony has compiled a long list of complimentary letters and commendations from the public, from supervisory staff of the Police Department, and members of the Governing Body. But the highest points of pride that Tony points to in his career are the relationships, friendships, and great memories he has garnered. Everyone recognizes his hearty laugh, ear-to-ear smile, and big heart.

 Congratulations on your retirement Tony!