Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Going Out Together

Last week we posted a blog talking about a couple of employees who recently retired after long, distinguished careers with the police department. Yesterday we held another retirement ceremony for two more such employees.
The two employees we honored at yesterday's ceremony were both assigned to the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) and have become close friends through the years. So close in fact, that they decided to have a joint retirement ceremony and, basically, go out the doors together for the last time. Did we mention they were close?

Well, Mary Dixon and Carol Stanton were both born in Duluth, Minnesota.  They were born in the same hospital in the same city, although the births were a couple of years apart. This fact did not come to light until they had been working side- by-side for several years.

Mary Dixon has been with the City for the past 35 years and Carol Stanton has been here for 39 years. For those of us who are not math wizards - that's a total of 74 years of experience and job dedication. Not only were they good at what they did, but they were loved by all their fellow employees. It certainly won't be an easy task to replace the two of them.

Please join us in expressing our appreciation to Mary and Carol for their years of service to the Overland Park Police Department and the citizens we serve.  Their dedication and commitment is an example for all to follow and we wish them the very best in their retirement.