Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blowing Smoke

There was a story on the news a couple weeks ago about this thing called “Rollin’ Coal”.  If you didn’t see the story and have no idea what we’re talking about “Rollin’ Coal” in short and put as basic as possible has to do with the exhaust coming from a vehicle.  A little more specifically and more commonly, the exhaust from diesel trucks.  Diesel trucks and exhaust?  Ok, so who hasn’t seen the exhaust from a diesel truck?  Well, this is actually a little more than that; it’s almost a sport.

YouTube videos show it best.  Drivers who have usually altered their vehicle or drive in such a manner as to produce excessive amounts of exhaust at just the right moment, or wrong moment, depending on who you are.  If you are the intended target for the smoke, say a bicyclist, pedestrian, Prius driver, and even a police car in one of these videos it can be more than just annoying.  In some cases that smoke is so thick that it creates a vision obstruction, not to mention it makes it a bit hard to breath until it clears.

Well after seeing that video we thought it might be a really good opportunity to do just a little law review for some folks who might have seen that same video and thought it would be fun to go rollin’ coal.

Please take note Overland Park Municipal Code 12.04.175 states “… the engine and power mechanism of every motor vehicle shall be so equipped and adjusted as to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke.”  So before you decide to smoke out that walker, jogger, bicyclist, Prius driver or if you are foolish enough to try it out on a cop car, remember, your actions can earn you the unwanted autograph of one of our officers and the opportunity to visit the Overland Park Municipal Court.  Roll safe!