Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Detectives Need Help Identifying Suspect on Attempted Break-In

On 06/29/14 officers were dispatched to  a small retail store in the 7000 block of W. 105th Street on an attempted burglary report . When the owners of the business arrived in the morning, it was evident to them that someone had tried to enter the business overnight.

The suspect attempted to enter the store by kicking at the lower glass area of a side-entry door. His attempt failed  as he could only succeed cracking the window.   

This wouldn't be such a news-worthy case except for the fact that this particular business has experienced two forced-entry commercial burglaries in 2013, in addition to this latest attempt.  The cases from 2013 are still open and there's a good chance it may be the same suspect. The losses from those burglaries added up to around $15,000. 

The latest attempt was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. The suspect is a single white male of average build and proportionate height, wearing a dark T-shirt and long dark athletic shorts.
Please take a look at the surveillance photos below. If you can help us identify the suspect, call our Investigations Division at (913) 344-8750.