Friday, August 22, 2014

A Break from the Beat

The work day of a police officer is always changing, but in some ways it can seem like it is the same thing over and over.  Not so for Officer Ebberts.  On August 16th he got the golden ticket to spend the day at the Queen's Price Chopper 12th annual Block Party!

Price Chopper had this big "Thank You!" party all planned out for their customers.  They had free food and ice cream.  They did a C.H.I.P's program (child identification) and had games and prizes.  The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile was there along with Mr. Peanut himself and the Price Chomper's.  They had it all planned out and then Officer Ebberts "crashed" the party in a whole different way.

He stopped in and said he knew it was last minute and all, but asked if he could join the fun.  He even brought his own party favors in the way of flashlights, frisbee's, stress balls and little policemen and policewomen figurines - no he didn't bring any tickets.

Officer Ebberts, the folks from Queen's Price Chopper and the citizens had a great time visiting with you!  They sent a few pictures for us all to enjoy