Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Eagle Eye to the Extreme

We hear about people losing things every day – purses, wallets, keys, you name it, they've lost it.  You've probably been there at some point.  And if you've been there, you were probably pretty frantic.  Most times these stories end with a lot of headache and aggravation.  But common practice for one Overland Park officer wrote an entirely different end to the story for one citizen.

Officer Andrew Black is a veteran in Overland Park Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit.  His normal duties have him patrolling the streets after dark looking for impaired drivers.  It’s a task he takes seriously and he has perfected the skill of being observant while driving down the road.  So much so that it carries over into his personal life.  This is a man that will drive his passengers near crazy turning around to pick stuff up out of the roadway.  On August 4th the Overland Park Command Staff learned just how observant Officer Black is at all times.

That day Officer Black’s supervisor received a call from a citizen about a contact he had with Officer Black.  The citizen explained that Officer Black had stopped by his home in Shawnee to return a wallet he found lying in the street.  The citizen went on to say losing the wallet could have caused hardship in anyone’s life and he was extremely thankful to have it back.  He said he thought police officers “only showed up at your door to hit you with a billy club”.  Officer Black showed him that was not the case.  The citizen was more than impressed when he realized that it was Officer Black’s day off!

If you’ve ever come in contact with “the big guy named Black” (one of his favorite ways to introduce himself) you probably would have to agree he’s a memorable person to say the least.  And for the citizen whose lost was found, well, Officer Black left him with not just his wallet, but a positive memory of a police officer and we couldn’t be more proud!