Monday, August 4, 2014

OPPD Says Goodbye to Summer Interns

(from Left) M. Zimmerman, M. Gulley, B. Frey
Last Wednesday, three of our summer interns completed the internship program and have fine tuned their skills for a possible career in law enforcement or something similar.

During their internship period they had an opportunity to observe several divisions within the department and then reflect on what they learned. This helped the interns see how a smaller function of a unit or section is crucial to the success of the entire department. At the end of the observation period the interns researched various assignments and presented their findings on topics such as officer safety, community relations, and contemporary law enforcement trends or topics. 

The interns also had the opportunity to observe a DUI Checklane and a Vice sting operation, as well as participate in a firearms range session. They were able to meet with a district or municipal court judge, observe a court proceeding, and tour the adult detention center. The interns also helped train our officers by assisting as role players during reality-based training scenarios.

Many past interns have become employed as Overland Park police officers. We want future police officers to see first-hand how our department is "above and beyond by design". With opportunities to observe and learn, we want each intern to leave with a positive view of law enforcement and will hopefully choose to become one of Overland Park’s finest.

Internships are generally offered during the summer months. Each successful candidate is selected after consultation and coordination with undergraduate colleges or universities.