Friday, August 1, 2014

Police Warn Businesses About Callers Representing Law Enforcement

Overland Park Police want to alert area businesses to a new type of telephone scam. No one has given out any credit card information with this scam but we wanted to make sure area businesses are aware of this new tactic.

We've been made aware of businesses in the area receiving calls from someone claiming they were with the police department and that were investigating a fraud case. The caller then tries to get the names of customers who had placed large orders within the last few hours.

The scammer attempts to get the names and phone numbers of recent customers so they can call them and represent the business. The scammers will tell the customer that their credit card system is down and needs their credit card number again to complete the order.

If businesses are contacted by someone posing as law enforcement demanding information or money, they are encouraged to contact the Overland Park Police Department and ask that an officer respond to meet them personally.