Wednesday, August 13, 2014

U.S. Service Flag Proudly Displayed at City Buildings

If you have been by the Sanders Justice Center, or Scafe or Westgate buildings lately, you may have noticed a new flag on display.  The Service Flag (pictured) is displayed to honor employees of Overland Park currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Service Flag is white with a red border and one or more blue stars in the center.  One star is displayed for each immediate family member serving in the Armed Forces during any period of war or hostilities in which the Armed Forces of the United States may be engaged, for the duration of the war or hostilities. 

The Service Flag was first used during World War I, but fell out of favor after World War II.  It has since re-gained popularity during Desert Storm and later deployments.  It may be flown from a staff, beneath or below the flag of the United States; or suspended either vertically or horizontally, usually from a window. 

The Overland Park Police Department has a number of Police Officers and civilians  currently serving in active and reserve duty capacity.