Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Al Sneller Retires After 28 Years

Last Friday we held a retirement ceremony for Acting Major Al Sneller to say goodbye to him after 28 years of faithful and dedicated service to the citizens of Overland Park.

During his 28 year career with the City, it's evident that Al's drive and determination propelled him up the ranks of leadership. He started out as an officer and has held every rank up to, and including Major.

In fact, Al has been heavily involved in so many groups, departments, divisions, specializations, etc, that it would be hard to mention them all. We will, however, share a few of the highlights from his career. He's served as a Field Training Officer, Metro Squad Investigator, Background Investigator, Response Team member and supervisor, Training Lieutenant, FTO Program Coordinator, and Fleet Manager. In addition to the ones I just mentioned, he was assigned as the Dispatch Commander, Emergency Management Coordinator, Patrol Division Commander, Investigations Division Commander, and the Patrol Support Commander.

Please join us in congratulating Al Sneller on all of his accomplishments and his retirement from the Overland Park Police Department.